Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Current Obsessions

I have to preface:  my mother always fancied herself an amateur interior designer.  As such, we were allowed to do almost anything we wanted to our bedrooms as kids, barney-purple, navy carpet w/ pancake batter colored walls, whatever.  So when it comes to being brave and selecting home furnishings, I find myself to be incredibly particular and concise about what I want.  And I will search for, wait, and price the perfect item for months/years before I buy the perfect piece.  And I'm constantly happy with my purchases under the current system of selecting furniture.  As a kid, my mom always decorated country/primitive/antique style.  GAG.  I trend either super traditional or super modern.  Currently my budget dictates that most of my furniture is from Target (HEY don't judge.  I will stalk that Target website until the perfect piece turns up, thank you.)  So recently I've been feeling the strong urge to create.  I'm a creative person.  But I don't paint, don't sculpt, don't draw...so maybe if I at least get all of my random decorating ideas out of my brain, it will free up some space. 

So given these explanations, if I were to ever win the lottery, my first non-necessity purchase [how amazing would it be to call the student loan company and say....*ahem* "I'm feeling saucy my good man, what say we take care of this $**,*** bill" and you run it on your debit card AND IT CLEARS...they would think it was a prank... ] would be this: 
No, not a car or a home or a boat or a vacation (obv those would happen too, it's the lottery after all.) But a couch.  Utterly perfect in its rigid squshy-ness.  Uber traditional and somewhat (ok a lot) Pompus-looking, yes, but friendly too, imagine how squishy and comfy it must be.  I mean, can't you just smell the leather?  Don't you love?  It's saved in my email as "do not delete this link until you can afford one."  It costs as much as my car, which I had to take out a loan and obtain a cosigner to buy, so ya know, it might be a while.  But I can wait. 

Next would be something like this:

Because it's just not home to me without a huge bookcase full of books.  I'm a reader...a re-re-re-re-reader (I honestly have read "A Time to Kill" so many times I can't remember) so I hold on to books. 

Right now I'm currently working on gathering the Penguin Classics in the vintage-ey looking cloth bound editions.  I know if I have them I'll have to read them, which isn't necessarily a bad thing either.

I mean, I'd LOVE to have the leather-bound sets my parents had, but the cloth are charming, no?  I think leather-bound may be a little stuffy for me anyway.

The only other thing I would purchase immediately if finances would allow, would be

Blue for me, Orange for sissypoo.  The whole damn set.  ooh and a couple'a viking ranges.  and a bakery downtown. 

After that, I do believe I'd have to go car shopping. 

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  1. Um, yes I read it and yes I agree with ALL of them. PS. Bakery Downtown, I specifically like. I have the perfect local!!!!!!